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45 Live

Scott Hendy

Scott's musical journey began in the early 90s DJing in bars & clubs in Bristol.

He then got his dream day job at the sadly missed Hip Hop Emporium Purple Penguin Records - from there Scott learned the ropes whist widening his circle of friends & contacts.

Andy Smith (Part Of The 45 Live Family) suggested they should start making records together which later became Dynamo Productions who went on to release 2 albums & DJ all over the Globe many times over.

In 2004 Scott broke out alone with his Boca 45 project - his 3rd album will be released this year in 2015.

Other music projects of Scott's include Malachai, The Beekeepers, Dolman & Diego & The Dissidents

As a DJ he still travels the world with a hefty box of 45's & is very excited by the prospect of pulling everybody together under the 45Live Umbrella !

pete isaac

Starting his life in music as a percussionist in the mid 80's, playing in jazz-funk, African and indie-funk bands, Pete quickly progressed on to DJing as Acid House kicked off in the SW of England in 1989. After a few years playing Acid House he returned to his love of jazz and started the seminal South West club night Jelly Jazz in 1993 (which is still going strong!).

Pete has promoted well over 1000 club nights and live concerts across the South West of England from small bars to prestigious venues like The Eden Project. And as a DJ has played all over Europe, plus trips to Canada and New Zealand.

Part of Pete's success in promotion has been his other working persona as a graphic designer and works commercially as a freelance designer for clients in and out of the music biz.

As well as 45 Live, Jelly Jazz and graphic design, Pete has been extending his experience as a curator for other events and is currently programming 2 stages for the biggest party in Cornwall, The Masked Ball.

45 Live is the new project where Pete & Scott can consolidate their half century of experience between them to create something really exciting with worldwide reach!

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