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Bobby Jones 'Welcome Back A Foolish Man' (Rocafort)

Bobby Jones
'Welcome Back A Foolish Man' / 'Lovin' Hard, Livin' Good'

Bobby Jones is one of the many classy soul singers who never really achieved the kind of success thet they deserved and have slipped under the radar of contemporary record collectors and DJs ever since, and I class myself in that category having not heard of him before. A quick bit of research revealed some great (and keenly priced) 45s including this excellent cut from 1968 'Talking About Jones' on Expo Records.

Anyways, we're concerned with this reissue on Rocafort here, and 'Welcome Back A Foolish Man'. Originally released in 1970 on Kack Records (one suspects that slang in detroit during the 70's didn't see the term 'kack' as derogatory), this sweet soul two stepper is raw yet caressed in a string laden orchestral arrangement. The flip 'Lovin' Hard, Livin Good' continues the orchestral vibe but with added percussion for a subtly funky underbelly. All in all, two great soul tracks on one 45 with the kind of production and arrangement of that period whose techniques seem to have been lost forever, which is why we collect old records right?! Excellent stuff.

Buy on Juno: www.juno.co.uk/products/bobby-jones-welcome-back-a-foolish-man/


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