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Brenda Jones - Super Stroke/Big Mistake (Expansion)

Brenda Jones
Super Stroke/Big Mistake

The ever expanding catalogue of Expansion Records have just announced what may appear to be a Dodo feather to their cap in the form of the ultimate crossover gem in Brenda Jones''Big Mistake'.  Unlike the flightless native Mauritius bird however, this record can be yours to own for a fraction of what it currently goes for on the secondary market. Right now you'd half to part with a grand to have the pleasure of having and holding the original. That's where a label like Expansion come in. They seek out the music that demands the worlds attention and sets to task releasing the music at an affordable price.

Ignoring this release would truly be a big, no mammoth mistake so we urge you to keep an eye out for this when it drops and purchase on sight. Another Expansion Seven Inch Wonder Of The World and what must be the jewel in the crown for the label. Absolutely essential purchase.

Purchase from Juno Records very soon.