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Crush Jazz Edit - Crush Jazz Re Edit (Galaxy Sound Co)

Crush Jazz Edit
Crush Jazz Re Edit
(Galaxy Sound Co.)

Your resolution for this year is to get on the Galaxy Sound. Co. Bandcamp mailing list and buy on sight anything this label see fit to pressing up on forty-five. Case in point is the latest Bandcamp buster from Crush Jazz Edit.  This Detroit label has been on our radar for quite some time now and they continue to deliver for the twenty-twenty with this clever cool out jazz edit that has us looking forward to the summer festival season where this will be getting rotation on the regular. Not to say you should keep it on ice up for warmer climes, that shouldn't be the case at all. In fact it's time now to usher in the New Year with this secret weapon seven in your play box.

It's safe to say we've got a lil' crush on Galaxy Sound Co. I mean, what's not to like? Head over to the label's Bandcamp page to secure your copy today.