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Etta James & Sugar Pie Desanto - The Basement (Soul Flip Edit) (Soul Flip)

A: Etta James & Sugar Pie Desanto - The Basement (Soul Flip Edit)
B: John Gary Williams - My Sweet Lord (Soul Flip Edit)

(Soul Flip)

It's finally the weekend and you're getting dollied up for a night on the tiles with your school mates. What will be the soundtrack highlight to this epic night ahead? Well, in this DJ's experience, the folk in clubs seem to really go off when a Soul Flip forty-five gets dropped and a surge to the booth with questions about the said record that was just played are rattled off in enthusiastic fashion. I am confident too, that the seventh release from the Soul Flip gang will have the same effect on the public as the six other Soul Flip records which preceded this one had.

Etta James & Sugar Pie Desanto's rump shaker 'The Basement' gets put through the Soul Flip Discum BOBulator aswell as a host of other effects boxes the boys have lying about in their Welsh valley retreat and out comes a dancefloor friendly version refixed for the '19.
On the flip is John Gary Williams' version of 'My Sweet Lord' which has clergy folk across the diocese including it in their Spotify lists. This side is not just for those in dark vestiture  though as secular folk will really dig the phat drums and the wah-wah wow effects added by the production crew.

Available very soon. Click HERE to get first dibs.

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