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Magnum 'Evolution' Beats Edit (Brewerytown Beats)

'Evolution' Beats Edit / 'It's The Music That Make Us Do It'
(Brewerytown Beats)

Brewerytown Beats are at it again, re-releasing the most tastiest records with that extra sauce. Not content with a straight up reissue, they remaster, re-edit and remix all from original master tapes, pay their dues and earn mucho respect in the process. This latest release see the classic 'Evolution' from Magnum get the Brewerytown treatment. The LP that this comes from is one of those holy grail funk pieces, as is the OG 45, and both have been booted and comped many times over the years, so this release is very much welcomed in it's 'beats edit' form. Pure sunshine funk but with a sprinkling of disco and jazz vibes, on both sides! The first 500 copies are pressed onto 'smoke' vinyl too, which is oh so desirable. Likely to sell out super fast judging on Brewerytowns last releases, so mark the date and have your paypal stocked with $, or risk Discogs for many more $$$.

Pre-orders open May 1st, check out a preview here: www.brewerytownbeats.com (Scroll down to the bottom of this page and sign up to their mailing list so you don't miss out on forthcoming records!)

For UK sales, Jazzman Records and Juno will be stocking this, so us Brits can avoid those frightening US postage costs!

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