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Mama's Gun - The Spooks (Ubiquity)

Mama's Gun
A: The Spooks
B: Golden Days


Sit back, relax and enjoy who Ubiquity Records have now proudly brought to the roster. The  artists in question are the established UK outfit Mama's Gun and they have delivered a double sider that is so rich and textured in it's delivery it has us reaching for the turntable to return the tone arm to the beginning time and time again before flipping the forty-five over and repeating the process. 'The Spooks' is on some blue eyed lo-fi melancholic soul business that leaves us floored with each listen. The track has that triumphant Zero Seven-esque stripped down edge that is sure to gain them new admirers. Driving horns and a solid drum break usher in the flip 'Golden Days'  that is every bit as charming as the A side. On this side it's a moody hark back to a time gone by so the feeling is as long as Mama's Gun are creating treasured memories in their lives we're going to be treated to some sweet soul music like what's on offer here.

Available now from the Mama's Gun shop HERE