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Mampön 'Quiérete' (Rocafort)

'Quiérete' / 'Quiérete (Voodoocuts loves you more and more mix)'

Rocafort are keeping the pressure setting on HOT with another scorching release, this time with the 10-piece Spanish Mampön Afrobeat collective. Naturally, this sides more with Afro Latin than straight Afrobeat, and is necessarily driving hard in its treatment with heavy expansive percussion, punchy horns, and an arrangement packed with changes, bridges, and breakdowns that will please the dancers. It's quite slick sonically and reminded me of Snowboy's killer Afro Latin joint 'Jazzakuti' (look that up if you don't know it). All in all a solid Afrobeat/Afro Latin excursion, and I bet the band is absolutely smoking live?!

Flip over for an excellent remix from Voodoocuts, and dare I say where the real heat is! Afro Latin is such a great source for remixing, as long as the remixer understands the musical components and can arrange things respectfully. Voodoocuts is most definitely the man for the job here and does exactly that turning out a version that keeps the instrumentation fully intact, but adds just that extra bit of club-friendly oomph. The 4 to the floor intro very quickly gives way to what the band originally conceived, and is firmly focused around the main instrumental passages rather than the vocal parts. This mix is all about the GROOVE baby and will be taking up residence in my play crate for sure.

A definite must-have 45 from Rocafort, with the original mix ripe for the summertime parties and the deep remix for the late-night sessions.

Released 18th June.

Buy: Bandcamp