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Mark IV - I Knew It Wouldn't Last (Cordial)

Mark IV
A: I Knew It Wouldn't Last
B: I Got Everything


We are beyond excited to be bringing the news of this release to you today. Disc jockeys, if you ever need a record to bring the disaffected party people back out front and centre then look no further than Cordial Recording's New York artist Mark IV's 'I Knew It Wouldn't Last'. What you receive is the previously unreleased uptempo version that pack more than a gutsy punch and has been on the radar for a pool of influential DJ's for some time now. 

From Cordial: "Mark IV have long been respected on the soul scene for songs such as ‘If You Can’t Tell Me Something Good,’ ‘Signs Of A Dying Love,’ ‘I’ll Be Right There,’ ‘My Everything You Are’ and many others. As a group they released one self titled album on Mercury Records and were managed by Roy C Hammond during this time. After this arrangement ended Otis Brown and Donald Shaw took over the management reigns and released the ‘Signs Of A Dying Love’ on OTB Records. During their time with Mark IV there were three recording sessions in total which have remained in the vaults until this year and a partnership between Cordial & Otis Brown was developed. We have an album planned for 2018 with a number of singles too in the pipeline. "

Available in a super limited forty-five today from Love Vinyl in London or online HERE.