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Nicola Spiromarino - Senza Titolo (Delights)

Nicola Spiromarino
Senza Titolo

You would think by now that it's time to peep your head out from behind the bed sheets that you've gripped with white knuckle intensity all this time. I mean, it's been sufficient time since you've heard the last release from the Delights label. You'd be forgiven for thinking it's safe but it would be foolish to think so. The nightmares and thoughts of impending doom will return once this seven inch is placed on the platter. The purveyors of haunted pysch synth slasher oddities on wax return this time shining a light on Italian born artist Nicola Spiromarino who now calls Berlin home. It was on the first night of the Delights tour back in May 2017 that label boss Markey Funk met Nicola and it was on this very night that Markey got given the mysterious untitled cassette that spurned the latest release on the label. 

If the sounds of the unhinged and disturbed are something you want flooding your mind once more than Delights are only too happy to accomodate!