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Real Bad Man 'Promo No. 3' (Real Bad Man)

Real Bad Man 'Real Bad Promo No. 3'
A: 'Don't Make Me Laugh' - Large Professor, Blu, and Exile
B: 'Elephant Books' - Boldy James & Alchemist

(Real Bad Man)

Heads up...new Real Bad Man Promo #3 now out! If you experienced the struggle in getting the Edan Real Bad Promo, then you'll need to act fast on this one. Super slick, super dope, super cool, it's all that with Large Pro, Blu & Exile landing a killer cut on 'Don't Make Me Laugh', it's certainly quirky but oh so good. Spin it over and 'Elephant Books' continues with the deep bizniz. Progressive hip hop for the dancefloor, oh yes.

For sound samples, hit the link below, and strike fast!

Buy NOW: Realbadman