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Rochelle Raboüin - This Is My Year (Discs Of Fun And Love)

Rochelle Raboüin
This Is My Year 
(Discs Of Fun And Love)

What do the good folks at 45 Live look for in a record? Hmmm, let's see. Fun? Yes, we appreciate the artist who displays devilish, joyful behaviour. Love? Almost always. Unrequited, divine, true and all the other variations in between. Which brings us nicely to this brand new label with the superb title of Discs Of Fun And Love. Music lovers and wax fiends Miche and Frederika have joined forces to bring to the wider public music that simply must be enjoyed out in the wider clubbing world on a good system. On this release, you will not need to ask the 45 Live DJ's twice to give this a spin and I'm sure we're not alone. First up for the label is a charming reissue from Rochelle Rabouin's one and only 1977 single entitled "This Is My Year".  Dancefloor primed modern soul at it's best is what's in store for the listener but please don't take our word for it and listen to the preview below. We have a feeling 2020 will be Discs Of Fun And Love's year. Hold tight!

Available now at Juno.