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Ronnie Frazzle - The Bronx Rocker (Hot Rox)

Ronnie Frazzle
The Bronx Rocker
(Hot Rox)

Looking into our crystal ball, we foresee another sold out release for the Hot Rox label. Back at it again is the mighty hard rocker Ronnie Frazzle. The artist who boasts a record number of show bum rush's announces his triumphant return to claim his thrown with yet another bunch of harder than the hardest teflon coated funky cuts that will leave all competitor's ripping up the playbook and starting from scratch. It's up to our hero, hailing from the BX, to take charge and do what he does best. Expect this one to ignite the club, trust us.

Listen to both tracks and pre-order the seven inch after the stream. All hail the Bronx Rocker!


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