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Sanjo - Landings (Mango Hill)

A: Landings
B: Mule And Hummingbirds

(Mango Hill)

All the way from Jal, New Mexico and Andros Island, Bahamas is the funky Mango Hill label. Now this is a label we always like to hear from at 45 Live and this forty-five from new signing Sanjo has caught the ear of not just the 45 Live staff but also the cats walking their dogs outside the office as the moody organ meanderings make their way via the office record player to the great outdoors. The owners have a look that says ‘What is this and where can I get it?’ I’ll reveal that soon but let’s first talk about the music. Mixed and produced by Jason Joshua, ‘Landings’ will do more to enhance the enjoyment of adventurous astronauts and beleaguered car park attendants and every other profession inbetween. Stripped raw organ funk with attitude is the order of the day and we love it. ‘Mule & Hummingbirds’ on the flip meanwhile reflects a tempo and indeed mood reflective of the Bahamian way of life, at least for Sanjo. So pull up a hammock and take in this organ powered jazz track from Sanjo today.

Available from Juno or Fat Beats.