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Skill - Da Hardcore Style for the B-Boy (Soul Dynamite)

A1: Da Hardcore Style for The B-Boy
A2: Let's Get Up, Let's Get Down
B1: Back To The Beat
B2: If You Can't Walk The Walk (Don't Talk The Talk)

(Soul Dynamite)

With the new decade barely with us, the Soul Dynamite label out of Sofia, Bulgaria waste no time in putting pen to paper to sign producer Skill up for another release on the label. We are pleased to report that Skill promptly delivers on this release. This DJ friendly bumper packed forty-five will charm the pants off ya and at the same time deliver, even for for the most seasoned and fickle b-boy or b-girl. Fresh to death, you are in for a treat, trust us. Skill's production pedigree is on full show here and if this DJ tool is not in your bag in the twenty-twenty than you are at an immediate disadvantage. Don't believe us? Cop a listen for yourself and proceed directly to the Soul Dynamite Bandcamp page to secure your copy today. Available in limited so fresh white vinyl while stocks last!