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Smoove - A Quest Called Tribe ( Parts 1 & 2) (Wack)

A Quest Called Tribe ( Parts 1 & 2)

Is Smoove on point? All the time dear listener. We at 45 Live have nuttin’ but love for this 45 right here. Tribe vibes to the max! If you, like us, have a hankering for the timeless boom bap sound that bum rushed the pop charts in the 90’s that this celebrated Queens group were known for then this record is most definitely for you.

We refer of course to A Tribe Called Quest and the producer in question who has been mining the back catalogue to build this future party favourite is 45 Live’s very own Smoove. Smoove is obviously a major Tribe fan and the fruits of his labour is this finely crafted cut-n-paste tribute to Tip, Phife, Ali and Jarobi. We sincerely hope that the group will get to hear this as we are sure they will be in awe as to how well their finer moments have been given the Wack Records refix.

When we eventually caught wind that the final mixdown was nearing completion we were convinced to abandon plans of breaking into the Smoove studio for a first peep, such was our impatience to hear this one. It’s safe to say that when we were sent it we were not disappointed.

Please don’t take our word for it and hit the stream before copping the 45 today at JUNO.