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Steve Mason - Everything's Gonna Be Alright (The Preservation Project)

Steve Mason
A: Everything's Gonna Be Alright
B: There's A Man Upstairs

(The Preservation Project)

The Preservation Project record label light a candle on the mysterious Steve Mason, an artist whose origins are unknown on this the fourth release for the label. It’s Monday morning and the kids return to school after a two week Easter break and the traffic chaos returns to the city streets but don’t let it get the best of you. Steve Mason is here to ease any anxiety you may have and to set you right for the week. On the previously unreleased “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”, the listener is greeted with the following spoken word line “Don’t worry... everything’s gonna be alright... I’ll pray for ya.” This assurance that he's got our back opens the gates on a soon to be crossover classic where Mason is bolstered by a sassy gospel choir to send the message home. 

Flip over for "There's A Man Upstairs" and allow Mason and his in-house harmony choir to bring you another divine modern soul message about the man upstairs served up with a funky guitar lick  that has us on our feet here at 45 Live HQ!

Big thanks to Chris Ball for unearthing this gospel tinged modern soul acetate and bringing it to the attention of The Preservation Project. Head over to https://thepreservation.org for the accompanying soundclips then grab your copy before it’s sold out. Available to preorder from Junohttps://www.juno.co.uk/products/steve-mason-everythings-gonna-be-alright/680448-01