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The Allergies - Get Yourself Some (Jalapeno)

The Allergies
A: Get Yourself Some
B: I'm On It


I don't know about you but for me the reaction I get when I get even the faintest sniff of a new release from The Allergies usually results with a visit to the local general practitioner. I mean, itchy feet, scaly skin, bulgy eyeballs to name just a handful of the milder symptoms. It usually passes once the needle hits the run out groove and every ball of endorphin has been squeezed out through the ear canals and a sense of calm almost immediately ensues. The symptoms are no different on their latest frenetic forty-five on Jalapeno Records. 'Get Yourself Some' has the duo carve out a funk fuelled shoulder anti-duster with enough Jigga swagga to knock a stone parrot off his perch. On 'I'm On It' they rope in Dr Syntax & Skunkadelic for some b-boy frenzy heat that is bound to give the room a stench of burned lino. Available in a strictly limited full colour picture sleeve from Jalapeno Records now. Go get yourself some!