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The Mandatory Eight - A Soul Fanfare (ATA)

The Mandatory Eight
A: A Soul Fanfare
B: Turn It Out

ATA Records

We have this habit at 45 Live of reviewing music that moves us in some way shape or form, the cream of exciting releases that you need to hear. Which brings us nicely to this instrumental double sider from The Mandatory Eight on ATA Records. The Yorkshire based independent record label specialise in funk, soul, afro and library music (you may remember we featured The Sorcerers last year, an office favourite). The Mandatory Eight herald their arrival having ditched the pomp and ceremony that the title might suggest and head straight to the meat of the track. The band deliver a no bones but utterly charming soul funk uplifter entitled "A Soul Fanfare" that will charm the socks off anyone within earshot and put a spring in the step to all who are lucky to hear it.

On the flip, the vibe takes a moodier turn but that charm is not lost on the track 'Turn It Out'.  It's with this 45 that the group hope all DJ's will turn the party out. Armed with this essential DJ tool that's firing an all cylinders, The Mandatory Eight make it easy for DJ's to fill the floor time and time again.

Available soon from the ATA Records shop.