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The Traffic - Beat It (CHoi Records)

The Traffic
Beat It / Thriller
(CHoi Records)

"Can the drummer have some? Can the drummer have some y'all? The drummer ain't have some in a long time. Come on drummer!" The news has broken of The Traffic's post lockdown release and we are bursting at the single white glove seams to reveal the details to you, dear listener. A cover version can be a tough cookie at the best of times and when we're dealing with Michael Jackson the prospect must seem daunting to even the most seasoned of pros. Enter The Traffic who, knowing them, relish the opportunity to give two pop classics a heavy dose of brass action underpinned by the toughest drum breaks that we have come to expect. Watch the unsuspecting public bum rush the DJ booth when either side are dropped in the mix post-Covid. It's another solid release from this Melbourne crew. 

Available in blood splattered red vinyl on CHoi Records , our advice is to moonwalk over to your favourite bricks and mortar record shop to grab your copy after the stream or visit the CHoi Records Bandcamp page.


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