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Varonos 'Body' (Acid Cuts)

'Body' / 'Mind'
(Acid Cuts 011)

The Acid Cuts series continues its run of killer acid on 8" lathe cuts. Now up to number 11 and this one is a scorcher. Recorded by Varonos aka Thomey Bors, this record features 2 deadly acid burners each with its own distinct flavour. Side A's 'Body' is a subtle builder with repetitive vocal, evolving 303 lines, and exceptionally tasty use of echo/stuttering effects before the squelch ramps right up for the crescendo. 6 and half minutes of beautifully conceived acid that ticks both peak time and the late late late night selection. Absolutely love it! Meanwhile, on the B side, Varonos takes things much much deeper with the aptly named 'Mind'. Structured around a solid kick drum, the 303 never wavers too far from its wickedly funky beginnings with the ambient leanings of all other parts creating the atmosphere. It is super effective and proves Varonos' prowess behind the dials, and the overall arrangement shows his understanding of the genre and his obvious love of it.

As always just 50 copies are pressed on wax which makes this a collector's item for sure, with this particular Acid Cuts being one of the best so far in my opinion. Class acid :)

Buy (ONLY 50 copies): Bandcamp
Hear the full tracks and get digital here: Meybo Music