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Woxow 'Chaos - Reggae Version' (Little Beat More)

'Chaos - Reggae Version' / 'Look Around feat. Stimulus (Smile Davis Remix)'
(Little Beat More)

Last year Italian producer Woxow dropped a 45 of 'Chaos' featuring Ken Boothe, Akil AND Blu Rum 13 (quite the line up eh?), the 45 seemed to come out of nowhere and maybe was missed by many. Now in 2019 there is a very limited remix 7" of 'Chaos' with DJ Maars from Australia on the mixing desk, most will be familiar with him for his excellent Easy Now Recordings set of reggae mashup beauties. Here he drops a gorgeous remix, pushing forward with rubber dub vibes as a bed for the considerable vocal talent on offer from the featured wordsmiths, this will be a summer nugget (if you're quick). On the flip we get another amazing track with producer Smile Davis making his debut throwing a reggae flip on Woxow's jazzy vibes 'Look Around', featuring conscious lyrics from New York MC Stimulus. The wide open dub on this is just perfection, beautifully produced, sonically outstanding, can't really say anything better than that. Only 200 copies of this amazing 45 are available, you need to go QUICK.

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