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45 Live

A: ‘Sticky Disko’
B: ‘Analog Acidbath’

7” vinyl single / 45 Live Records / Cat. No. 45L7010
Released: Feb 14th 2020

Available from 45liverecords.bandcamp.com
And all digital platforms

The 10th release on 45 Live Records. For this, we’re going to surprise people with a hip house/acid house 45 from Finnish producer Dan Kaipio aka Type-303. Type-303 is a one-man project based in Tampere, Finland. He creates music for the love of acid and the classic Roland TB-303 sound mixed with various genres. The sound of Type-303 is inspired by various styles of music from classic 80s acid to 90s rave to the house sound of today. In addition to producing, he is an avid vinyl collector and DJ and can be found spinning vinyl at underground parties across Finland.

45 Live and Type-303 came together due to a post on Facebook about his last record by DJ Food (a fellow acid house collector), we got in touch and managed to buy the last copy of that particular release direct from Dan in Finland. In those communications we dropped the question “would you like to do a 45 for us?”, and he said, “sure, why not!”.  So with Dan on board to record for the label we decided that resurrecting the much loved yet fleeting hip-house sound tinged with ska was the way to go, along with a strictly heavyweight acid tune on the B side. For ‘Sticky Disko’, we wanted to create a classic late 80’s straight-up party cut, ska acid, a bouncy floor filler. Meanwhile, the B side ‘Analog Acidbath’ had one rule to follow, and that was “make it acid”. So cue up one seriously funky and heavily layered 303 workout aimed directly at the dancefloor, no holds barred.

DJ Food (Ninja Tune) “Analog Acidbath is proper acid, love the break-sy side to it and over-eager drum fills, well-80s”
Jon More (Coldcut) “Dropping Acid Bombs (the return of the loved up).... Yes 7” of pure TB303... on 45”
Stanley Donwood (Radiohead) “Happy Days!”
Spacial Awareness (Funky.sx 103.7FM) “Loving both tracks, will definitely play both on my radio show in January!”
DJ Andy Smith (Reach Up) “Back to the wild days of Acid House and on a 45 too!”
Smoove (Smoove & Turrell) “This is a great reminder of just how good it was back in 1988!”
Rob Zile (Brain Food) “Great stuff! Type-303 never fails!!!”
Ollie Stratton (Mongolian Disco) “45 live always deliver! Analog Acidbath equals latenight acid goodness - right up my street! Sticky Disco will be a banger! Can’t wait to grab a copy! Full support!”

The 7” vinyl will come in a full colour sleeve, plus there will also be a very limited run (50) pressed on psychedelic transparent vinyl, these will only be available direct from the 45 Live Records store on Bandcamp.

All tracks written and produced by Dan Kaipio
A&R: Pete Isaac
Artwork: Pete Isaac

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