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Your man DJ Moneyshot first caught wreck as a mixtape don. His award-winning contributions to Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel radio show won him fans across the globe and backslaps from everyone from your mum to Rolling Stone magazine.

Since then he co-founded funky beats outfit, The Allergies, and stormed the 6 Music A-list playlist, while tickling the outer rims of the pop charts, and getting spins from Duran Duran, and other people who aren’t nearly as famous.

He loves to DJ, and obsesses over music. In fact, he’s never happier than when he’s offering up seven inches to a group on consenting adults in a darkened room. And he also likes 45s.

His mixes, as you can imagine, are a tour de force of good time shenanigans and curveball selections, all mixed up with a hip-hop DJ’s flair, and a “full-grown idiot’s sense of shamelessness” [his words]. 

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