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Tom Showtime - Boombap Jazz Mix

Tom Showtime
Boombap Jazz Mix

Today good people we  bring you news of a hot off the presses mix crammed with some of the illest boombap jazz coolout treats on glorious forty-five. This is a perfect way to kick start your summer days no matter where you are or what you're getting up to.  The man responsible for jump starting so many dances through the years thanks to the Easy Now Recordings label he runs alongside DJ Maars is the man in question. Here's what Tom had to say about the mix:

“I grew up playing jazz (sax) and although I love all genres, hip hop has been my main flame, both as a soundtrack and how I present as a DJ. I really wanted to do a more laidback / head-nodding type mix, letting the tracks breathe with no quick mixing etc. Track selection ranges from straight to future jazz, classic 90s boombap to underground hip hop cuts, personal favourites, classy edits and an original track of mine. Recorded at SPQR Pizzeria around 8am on a Tuesday, I consumed a long black coffee and an apple during the session. I’ve then given it some extra cuts and a polished up in the studio, it’s not a one take scenario. This is a journey into sound, where hip hop and jazz collide. Enjoy!”