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45 Brothers 'Dynamite sound' (GSM)

45 Brothers
'Dynamite Sound' / 'What's Happening'
(Gimme Some More Records)

Just who are the 45 Brothers? I don't know them (or do I?), but what I do know is that they are adept at putting out some killer 45s, that's for sure! Thier 3rd release has just dropped and heading it up is a block-rockin' joint for the BBoys and BGirls out there, 'Dynamite Sound' does what it says on the tin, uptempo breakbeat with a whole load of soul. What I particularly love is the mid-90s cut and paste flavour that these elusive producers create, there's no crappy robotic nu-funk and ghetto-funk soulless beats, no, it's classic sounding raw breakbeat funk n' hip-hop, a touch of swing and plenty of flavour. It's exactly what was missing for a fair number of years so I for one am very happy cuts like this are getting made again. This one is going straight into the playbox. Encore!

Buy here: Juno Records or Bandcamp