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8th October 2017

45 Live Lowdown #22 - Supreme La Rock

7th October 2017

De Frank Jr 'Chicken' (Mukatsuku)

6th October 2017

MNP - 'Ratto Nero' (Delights)

2nd October 2017

Meckie Berlinutz 'Einfach' (Meckie)

2nd October 2017

Delia Gartrell 'I Must Be Doing Somet...

29th September 2017

NEW RELEASE The Nextmen feat. Eva Laz...

26th September 2017

Music Man Miles (Breakestra) joins 45...

25th September 2017

Diamond Street Rhythm Machine 'Living...

25th September 2017

Southpaw Chop 'Drop A Jewel' (Southpa...

9th September 2017

EXCLUSIVE - Matador! Soul Sounds 'Get...

8th September 2017

Third Root 'Reflection Of The Times'...

8th September 2017

The Allergies 'Main Event' (Jalapeno)

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