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45 Brothers 'Next Level' (45 Brothers)

45 Brothers
'Next Level' / 'Right On'
(45 Brothers)

YES! The 45 Brothers are back again after what seems too long a time, but they are back with a bang. Absolutely top drawer block rockin' cut n' paste shenanigans on 'Next Level', the beats push forward hard, with eerie brass stabs, epic percussion and tidy vocal drops all combining for maximum dancefloor pressure. This is the kind of track that was ubiquitous in the early 90s, where a multitude of producers churned out unbelievably funky sample-based burners which had plenty of soul. Before the nonsense of ghetto funk, this was the sound where breakbeats ruled and Major Force, DJ Food etc drove the nation's dancefloors, so having the 45 Brothers revisiting the genre is a great thing and very welcome. This baby is on pre-order now, get in quick.

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