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45 Live Lowdown #2 - Smoove

45 Live Lowdown #2

Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome the inimitable powerhouse that is Smoove into the 45 Live Lowdown...

1. Where are you based?

2. Why 45s?
You can carry a lot more records in a small space plus I like collecting Rap 45s as it brings back my youthful mind!

3. Your inspiration/mentor/hero?
Jazzy Jeff / Cash Money these both inspired me to learn to scratch! Incredible DJ’s in their own rights with such unique styles that are so instantly recognisable.

4. Your most elusive 45, what is it and how long have you been looking?
Jack Dupree 'Barrel House Woman'

5. Best ever dig?
I had been looking for a copy of The Radars 'Finger Licking Chicken' for some years when it finally turned up in my local charity shop wedged between Cliff Richard and Tom Jones!

6. All originals pressings?
Naturally I do like to have an original pressing but if needs must I will happily use a repress or bootleg. Occasionally I get my own one off records cut at  carverycuts.com with my own edits of course!

7. Do you hoard or buy and sell?
I’m a hoarder, I’d rather have 2 copies than let someone else buy it hahaha!

8. How many 45s have you got and how do you catalogue/store them?
Probably around 10,000 7”s, I have never counted them and they are filed in genre/style.  

9. Cover up or share the love?
If I find an obscure drum break I might cover up but that’s just for fun otherwise NO!

10. What’s your top 3 LPs tracks that you wish had been pressed onto 7”?
Nefertiti 'Come Down'. An underrated female MC who only released one album called L.I.F.E in 1994 This track samples a tune called Jump In The Water by The Beginning Of The End. I couldn’t find a link to the track but here’s the original tune it’s sampled from.

Pete Rock & CL Smooth 'One In A Million'. I found this on a promo E.P which was super rare there is now a few bootlegs available. The main sample is Electric Surfboard by Brother Jack McDuff.

LL Cool J 'Funkadelic Relic'. Taken from the album 14 shots To The Dome this track tells the story of LL’s rise to fame, the production sounds like the Bomb squad meets Pete Rock!

11. Biggest disaster whilst DJing?!
Playing on a dj booth made entirely from iron - the feedback was ridiculous!
A drunk woman spilling a whole bottle of red wine over my records!
Playing in Greece to an almost empty Techno club (bad promoter).