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45 Live now on Hearthis

In the ever changing landscape of music on the internet, specifically how one posts music and how any particular site deals with that content is a constant battle with restrictions, permissions etc. Of course we broadly agree with protection of copyright in most cases, artists that are due their dues should get them wherever possible, as making a living in music is TOUGH, especially for the young that are starting out. Yet there are so many lines that are blurred, for example sampling...it's a well trodden conversation so no need to go into it in detail here, but I would say that my personal opinion is that is it much different to a musician being inspired by another musician? The Stones took heavily from many blues artists and what about '3 Feet High and Rising', could that even be made today? Another problem area that draws much debate is the question of 'edits' or 'mashups', there are plenty of people out there that loop an intro of a classic funk cut, possibly add a few tiny 'improvements' and then actually try to sell them as their own creation, that is taking the **** in all truth. Then there are DJ Mixes, it seems Soundcloud is now unusable due to likely copyright violations, and Mixcloud, whilst being a great platform doesn't allow downloads, so we thought we'd try hearthis as this seems like the perfect middle ground. I haven't completely looked into the terms or service etc but what I do know is you can upload a mix and people can download it! I guess time will tell if this will work long term, Soundcloud is a prime case of how goalposts get moved.


So, let's get going with hearthis and hopefully if it all works as desired, we'll be posting up lots of DJ mixes from the 45 Live crew over time, and that you will be able to download easily! Starting off the page we have my all 7" acid mix I did for Dublab in LA recently. Enjoy.
Pete Isaac