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45 Live Radio Show - Best Of 2018 New Releases - Compiled By Greg Belson

As we enter into another year of quality music, it's time to reflect on some of the amazing 45's released in 2018. As a trend, we at 45 Live have been shifting into the world of beatmaking....it's like 1995 all over again, with creativity, feel and production skills really raising the bar. Hopefully the majority of soul and funk will make a comeback in 2019 as so many releases last year felt under-produced and kinda generic.

So, here's what tipped the 45 Live Radio Show's scales in the '18....all new material, so no edits, reissues or previously unissued tunes were harmed in the creation of this list.

Soundclips are available around the internet so Google is your friend.

Have a great '19, folks....check out some of the insane music right here!


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