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45 Live Radio Show - New Years Day 2021 - Guest DJ KOCO

Here at 45 Live Towers, we think it’s safe to say that 2020 has been quite the year to pack up, roll into a bundle and toss into the trash. So, we’re shakin’ out the bad vibes and breaking out the positivity from the get go!

Tune in on New Year’s Day 1st January 2021 (12pm US PST, 8pm UK GMT) as the first 45 Live Radio Show of the year takes flight on dublab.com. And we’re doin’ it with style. Joining your host DJ GREG BELSON in the studio, from Japan; 


Anybody who has an interest in 45’s turntablism will be aware and in admiration of KOCO’s work for some time. He’s been slangin’ for over 10 years on the underground worldwide circuit, perfecting his craft one mix at a time. KOCO is arguably the best and most proficient battle DJ on the planet right now and that’s crystal clear when you check out his precision cuts, splices, drops and other decknology that’s on show.

Simply….this is ESSENTIAL. New Year’s Day is now complete.

As usual, 45 Liver Greg Belson bookends the set with his well stacked racks of quality business. He’ll be mining the beautiful world of Soul & Funk COVER VERSIONS. Tunes you probably know, but packaged up and delivered with a different punch.

Check your e-dials for the hot heaters on 7" wax!

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