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45 Live Radio Show on Dublab.com

We're excited to announce a brand new radio show broadcasting out of Los Angeles CA, and featuring the entire 45 Live Crew!

'The 45 Live Radio Show'

The inaugural show will broadcast on the legendary Dublab.com, an esential creative hub borne out of the streets of LA and transmitting to the world and elsewhere!

We start on Friday 6th November, 8pm US PST (4am UK GMT)

'The 45 Live Radio Show' will be on air the first and third Friday of each month. Your host will be soul, funk & gospel connoisseur DJ Greg Belson, and it'll feature a guest from the 45 Live elite on a rotational basis.

Here's where to find a multitude of archives and live broadcasts from the fine folk that have already applied their talents to the Dublab airwaves;


We couldn't be happier to share a collaboration with such a crucial cog of this worldwide scene, so be sure to tune in and keep your e-dials on lock.

Sharing the full spectrum of music via the medium of the 45 format.....

..........join us and spread the word!!


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