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45 Live Radio Show with guest CRIZTOZ (45 DAY)

Set the date for 19th January @ 8pm US PST on the mighty dublab.com, as the 45 Live Radio Show takes flight once again, with your host GREG BELSON.


My 1st guest of 2024 from outside of the crew is a fellow devotee to the art of the 7" single. Somebody who's dedicated his time & followed his passion to celebrate the greatest music format ever created. Please welcome;


Criztoz is the creator of 45 Day, a DJ, live streamer, talk show host, podcaster, event organiser and community builder. His eclectic sets take in reggae, hip hop, funk, latin, world beats and more. 45 Day is on May 4 — an annual tribute to the classic vinyl format that helped bring music to the masses. If you are a music enthusiast and tend to dream of eras gone by, 45 Day will speak to your soul.

Check out this link;


Your host Greg Belson bookends the set and this week....it's a foray into modern soul with a touch of disco to warm up the more discerning of dancefloors. Obscure 45's sitting next to a few evergreens as we continue to dig a bit deeper!

This is 45 Live!