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45 Live Radio Show with guest CUT CHEMIST

join us on Friday 19th April 2024 on dublab.com @ 8pm US PST for a very special 45 Live Radio Show.

It truthfully doesn't get much better than the second guest we've invited onto the show in 2024 from outside of the crew. He's a bonafide legend of his craft, a master sound manipulator with a lifelong devotion to diggin' in the crates and flossin' the rares. From California, LA's favorite son of the funk;


Cut is known worldwide for his work with luminaries Jurassic 5, Ozomatli and his own creative works as a talented producer and beatsmith. Here though, we'd like to take a minute to focus on his unparalleled DJ prowess. The man that along with DJ Shadow, pioneered and promoted the 45 rpm movement to new heights with their dizzyingly on point mix 'BRAINFREEZE'.

Add to that the follow up 'PRODUCT PLACEMENT', the one turntable-and-a-loop pedal mix 'SOUND OF THE POLICE' as well as a slew of other releases, and you have primo examples of what he's done for the 7" single for the Hiphop fraternity and beyond.

His devotion to the format has led the way for others to go dig for theirs, which has helped the collector scene grow literally worldwide.

As a technician, Cut knows how to play...from scratch styles, to straight mixing, to letting the tunes play out and presenting on the mic...he knows when to push and pull...and that's quite the thing.

Here he is presenting a mix for the 45 Live crew...we're honored to have him step up to the turntables. "Are you ready to get your guts kicked out??"

Your host Greg Belson bookends the set and this week....it's a foray into underground hiphop, beatific instrumentals and leftfield soundscapes. Obscure 45's as we continue to dig a bit deeper!

This is 45 Live!

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