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45 Live Radio Show with guest JACKIE HOODOO

Join us, Friday 4th February 2022 on @dublab at 8pm US PDT (4am UK GMT), celebrating the 7" single like no other radio session across the globe.

Exciting times lie ahead as we invite our first guest from outside of the crew into the studio in 2022. And yeah, it's a doozy....from Leeds to Los Angeles, we're crate raidin' with the finest of fellows;


Jackie's been assembling rails of audio heat here in LA for over 10+ years (but collecting for infinitely longer), honing his skills in the Mod world and mastering the art of the soulful garage spin.

He's a forager, and these days, digs deep into a bevvy of genres including gospel, funk, soul, cumbia, Ethiopian, afrobeat and jazz. It's a heady melting pot, exploring what he likes to call 'The Sounds Of Then, Now'.

Expect curveballs-a'plenty as we travel the globe that's in Mr Hoodoo's record box, searching for that perfect vintage beat one lil' compactos at a time.

Your host Greg Belson bookends the set as ever with his well stacked racks of quality business, and this week....it's a dabble here and there around the darkest corners of the collection, bringing you something.....different.

This is 45 Live!

Rinse your e-dials for the hot heaters on 7" wax!