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45 Live Radio Show with guest MONALISA MURRAY

Join us on dublab.com on 5th May @ 8pm US PST

Our second guest of 2023 is representing the West Coast & is a native of Los Angeles. Her crates are deep & she serves the LA crowd rightly at various gigs around town & elsewhere with her own inimitable style;


Monalisa Murray has been associated with quality music and events in Los Angeles and across the country for over 20 years. Her music format is described as “anything with a groove”, ranging from soul, funk, & hip hop to rock, pop, jazz-funk & world music but also includes less familiar and undiscovered gems & jams of all genres. She is a member of KPL All-Stars, Umoja Hi-Fi Soundsystem, Ladies Of Sound and Prism DJs, and is currently a rotating resident DJ at LA’s Motown On Mondays.

Check out her selections that guarantees a beautiful musical journey!

Your host Greg Belson bookends the set and this week....it's a deep dive into the still relatively untapped world of gospel soul & funk 45's. Original 7"s on lock, as per!

This is 45 Live!