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Afro Funk & Disco Gems Vol. 9 (Mukatsuku)

Afro Funk & Disco Gems Vol. 9
M'Ongele M'Am 'Eko' / Georges Ouedraogo 'Deni'

You have to give props to labels like Mukatsuku for gems like this, because even in today's connected world where it's easier than ever to discover music, label curation still has it's rightful place in cutting through the crap and placing music in context. Personally I'd never heard of either of these artists, at least so far as I can remember, so as is often the case with Mukatsuku releases, there is a widening of knowledge alongside some damn good music. Both of these African nuggets will elicit an immediate reaction on the dancefloor, driving, complex and utterly funky with percussion that is understandably top drawer, especially on the break down in 'Eko'. Disco and dare I say 'house' vibes in this even though it's an early 80s record. The flip is a BOMB, more jazzy but still pushing forward with swirling instrumentation and a tough pounding rhythm section, throw this on the decks and you'll have a happy dancefloor guaranteed. EXCELLENT release, buy now. 

Buy here: Juno