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Alessandro Alessandroni 'Don't Give Up' (Four Flies/Little Beat More)

Alessandro Alessandroni feat. Mounika
'Don't Give Up' / 'Tema Di Susie'
(Four Flies/Little Beat More)

Delicious release on Four Flies Records and Little Beat More with this piece of soundtrack music from Alessandro Alessandroni reworked by Mounika.

The original piece on the B side 'Tema Di Susie' from the 1976 Italian noir 'Sangue di sbirro' (Blood and Bullets), is a dreamy, breezy and somewhat sexy thematically composed ditty, with the melody recreated with guitar, flute and horns over and over atop a crisp beat and repetitive piano riff. An evocative piece of music, and in that sense completely fulfilling the brief.

Meanwhile, on the A side, Mounika extracts the essence of the original and tightens up the drums, and layers the thematic elements perfectly. I'm guessing using an MPC as it just has that sound?

Part of the Reloved series from Four Flies. And it's well worth digging into their catalogue if left-of-centre synth vibes, soundtracks and international flavours excite your earbuds.

Buy: Bandcamp / Juno