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Alfredito Linares 'Volume 2 The Colombia Years' (Rocafort)

Alfredito Linares 'Volume 2 The Colombia Years'
'Boogaloo Girl' / 'Ponte En Onda'
'Ritmo Caliente' / 'Soul And Feeling (Alma Y Sentimiento)'
'Tiahuanaco (Puerta Del Sol)' / 'Mi Nuevo Ritmo'


After the first swinging (and utterly fabulous) collection of Alfredito Linares nuggets on Rocafort which spanned the raw salsa and boogaloo of his time recording for the Mag label, and which featured some of his most vital cuts, Rocafort is back again with Volume 2.

This time featuring tracks recorded at his time living in Colombia and one where a slightly different feel and sensibility is explored.

Erring on the side of orchestral salsa in songs like 'Ritmo Caliente' and 'Tiahuanaco (Puerta Del Sol)', Alfredito and the band weave a musical web of complicated arrangements with naturally wicked percussion, proud brass lines, and all the while the piano marshalls the musicians as they try to break free and go wild. That wildness is evident on 'Mi Nuevo Ritmo', an absolutely pumping mambo rocker that is just so punchy you could forgive yourself for being knocked out on the dancefloor. That wildness continues on the massive 'Soul And Feeling (Alma Y Sentimiento)', an utterly epic arrangement absolutely bursting with vitality and energy. It's one of those Latin tunes where you can focus in on a different aspect each time you listen because it's so packed and expertly crafted.

But the boogaloo is not forgotten here as the superb 'Boogaloo Girl' is featured, and begins the whole triple pack festival of music from Alfredito.

If you're going to reissue music and lovingly curate a retrospective, then this is the way to do it. And with someone like Alfredo / Alfredito Linares, one might hope for another volume or two from the rich vein of music he created throughout the 1970s and beyond. He is one of Latin music's greats for sure, and I doff my hat to Roacfort for this and the first volume which are flawless releases, beautifully curated, lovely original artwork, and of course so great to have on 45s.

In a word, essential.

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