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Altered Tapes - The Breakdown (Heat Rock)

A: Altered Tapes - The Breakdown 
B: DJ Platurn - King Penguin

(Heat Rock)

The mighty Heat Rock label shows little sign of cooling off as this independant Chicago based label raise the stakes again on this their ninth forty-five release featuring two of our favourite producers right now. First up is Altered Tapes who celebrates the most iconic west coast group of all time giving their unique vocal delivery a fresh twist with some infectious drums and the know how of what has the potential to bang hard in the clubs. 'The Breakdown' is our new favourite. Take a bow Altered Tapes. On the flip, 45 Sessions royalty DJ Platurn leaves his Oakland retreat and takes us on a trip to the polar extremes with a stone cold classic flip of the 'Funky Penguin' joint. On 'King Penguin'  Plat delivers with some fat back drums, lightly dusted with some choice samples and that unmistakeable RT vocal style. Another Platurn sureshot.