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Andy Cooper Yalla! Yalla! (Radio Krimi Records)

Andy Cooper
Yalla! Yalla! / Yalla! Yalla! (Instrumental)
(Radio Krimi Records)

Brand new music from Andy Cooper of Ugly Duckling fame, co-produced by French hip hop head Doc TMK. Andy tackles aspects of religion here with a story of arriving in Cairo on holiday and immediately getting into a squeeze with some jihadists hell-bent on inflicting some damage upon him. But it's all good in the end, with help from a mysterious woman, he escapes! My interpretation of it is that not every 'other' is the enemy, and as such is a comment on the media, but I could be wrong. Whatever the social comment is, it rides a relentless and meditative rhythm, spiced up with middle Eastern flavour. The flip has the instrumental, which might have benefited from a little remix action, but no doubt the buyers of doubles will find useful for cutting up 2 copies. Check it...

Buy here: radiokrimirecords.bandcamp.com/album/andy-cooper-yalla-yalla-single