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Ashley Beedle - More Trouble (Warbox Dubplate) (Modern Artifacts)

Ashley Beedle
A: More Trouble (Warbox Dubplate)
B: Da Soun' A Ear (Warbox Dubplate )
(Modern Artifacts)

Here's some guaranteed fresh produce that has us jumpin' and shoutin' all around the 45 Live office and  gleefully elbow bumpin' each other in rhythmic  unison as the track bellows out of the speakers. This slice of reggae niceness comes from producer Ashley Beedle who, armed with a toolbox of riddim producing gadgets and vibe boxes of various descriptions has produced two feel good tracks that have instantly made their home in the heavy rotation box. The producer behind Ballistic Brothers, Black Science Orchestra and XPress-2 among countless others, Ashley Beedle turns his attention to his love of roots reggae music on this release for his Modern Artifacts label. This release is available with the purchase of the Modern Artifacts t-shirt that was originally produced for Record Store Day 2013.

Do yourself a favour and head over to the Modern Artifacts Bandcamp after the stream to secure your copy today. Sound the air horn! Another essential virus suppressing Beedle gem has been released into the wild! 


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