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Banderas 'Tema De Banderas' (Matasuna)

'Tema De Banderas' / 'Banderas Mambo'

When I was growing up in the 70s/80s, I remember an episode of Blue Peter where for their annual expedition that year they went to Japan. What struck me the most in that episode was a park somewhere in Tokyo where on a Sunday groups of people went to indulge in their passion, there were punks, teddy boys and every sub culture you could imagine from the west and beyond. The attention to detail was incredible, and it's a theme that I've come to recognise in subsequent years. The Japanese (much like the British) are very very good at absorbing music from other countries and either respectfully copying or making their own. So here on the monster 45, we have a Japanese 11 piece Latin orchestra that sound 100% authentic. Phenomenal musicianship throughout with a line up that includes people that have worked with Tony Allen, Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro and Orquestra de la Luz. To be succinct, this 45 is AMAZING, and if you like to drop Latin in your DJ sets, you totally need this.

Buy here: Juno Records