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Bankrupt Europeans 'Class Dismissed' (Nobody Buys Records)

Bankrupt Europeans
'Class Dismissed' / 'Plans For The Day'
(Nobody Buys Records)

Well well, this one popped out of the blue, and with it, a ridiculously funky breakbeat cut n' paste cut packed full of awesome samples and breaks, it's breakin' nirvana you could say. This is actually their 6th release, so I'm already kicking myself and need to go digging backwards. Anyways, you just can't argue with the beats on here, if you're a fan of DJ Format, DJ Einstein, Major Force, Double Dee & Steisnki then you're going to be a fan of this. Maybe the scratching is a touch excessive in the latter part of the track, but that's a minor irritation and subjective to personal taste because the whole is a dancefloor destroyer. You also get the mighty Phil Most Chill making a guest appearance on it, and naturally, he spits rhymes with his usual class delivery. Head over to the flip and New Jersey residents Twiz and Mr. Rich come through with some killer rhymes over a deadly, atmospheric head-nodder of a beat, so so dope. This has to be one of the best hip hop/breakin' 45s of the year, quality from start to finish. On pre-order now.

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