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Bazza Ranks ft Dynamite MC - Don't Let It Pass (Irish Moss)

Bazza Ranks featuring Dynamite MC
Don't Let It Pass
(Irish Moss)

Jayney mac tonight! Brand new heat rock alert from Bazza Ranks and Dynamite MC on Irish Moss Records! DO NOT PASS GO!!!  What you are required to do is collect the couple of euros needed to pick this one up and proceed directly to your nearest record vendor. This is a strictly limited vinyl release that's gonna fly off the shelves. Their last 45 garnered praise from Rodigan, Don Letts, Melody Kane to name just a few but they're really only getting started, truth be told.

Let this one pass and you'll be at the mercy of the hungry Discogs hippos ... so ... don't. If you're in any doubt, strap in and press play below. Available to pre-order from the Bazza Ranks Bandcamp page: https://bazzaranks.bandcamp.com/album/bazza-ranks-ft-dynamite-mc-dont-let-it-pass