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Betty Black & The Family Fortune - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (Skyline Recordings)

Betty Black & The Family Fortune
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
(Skyline Recordings) 

Stone the crows! Here come this smug lot once again with another essential must have forty-five for your collection. We refer of course to London record label and part time fortune tellers Skyline Recordings who know at this stage of the game what taste buttons to press when it comes to their customer fan base and on this release they're hitting all the right buttons and even pulling  a few cheeky levers (I say!).

Join us as we hail the majestic return of Betty Black & The Family Fortune who have delivered a monumental cover of the Annie n' Dave classic  that bears all the trappings and pomp of a record that eclipses the competition from on high. Far be it from us to give you the impression that Betty Black & The Family Fortune are not earnest in their approach to crafting a modern funk masterpiece and on the evidence here we should all be keeping a keen look out for their debut LP when it drops. That will be one request on my list that will leave Father Christmas with a dilemma on Christmas Eve. Does he leave the LP under my tree or put it back in the sack for both him and Mrs. Claus to enjoy back at the North Pole? Watch this space.