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Big Boss Man - Das Freak (Spinout Nuggets)

Big Boss Man
Das Freak
(Spinout Nuggets)

The Big Boss Man sits in his Big Boss chair while that Big Boss brain of his conjures up the Big Boss sound. And for that my friends, we are truly grateful. The sounds you are about to hear will turn the verb 'devastating' claret red with embarrasment. Brash, boisterous and brimming with funk, the would be spaceman delivers some outta worldy cosmic funk for 'Das Freak' that will fit snug in this reviewers play box for some time to come. Deciding which kitchen sink to throw at this project proved The Big Boss Man a Boss sized headache that befits his production steez, so he threw all kitchen sinks in for good measure. What came out of the other side of the production process will do wonders for the mind and body so it's now your turn, dear reader, to get loose and let the Big Boss Man wash over your ear canals.

Available now from Spinout Nuggets Records.