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Big Box Of Afrosound

Various Artists 'Big Box Of Afrosound' (Vampisoul)
10x7" box set


Vampisoul continue their foraging of Discos Fuentes with this 10 x 7" box set of cumbia treats. After the excellent compilation LPs 'Gozalo', it's great to see them take the sound to a stack of 45s! The music here is pretty deep and certainly for committed fans of the genre, some heavy chugging Cumbia alongside what could arguably sound a little cheesy to some ears. One highlight is 'Fiebre de lepra' by Wganda Kenya, a bonkers mix of afro beats, funk and psychedelic vibes, it's really out there, and no cumbia set such as this wouldn't be complete with a Fruko y sus Tesos banger, and here we have the killer 'Cachumbembe'. Probably worth the very reasonable €43 for the complete set alone!
This is great party music, good vibes, so crack open a cold beer and liven up your summer BBQ.