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Birtman 'Deer Instrumental' (Spasibo)

'Deer Instrumental' / 'Tyumen Blo*Job'

One of the latest clutch of 45s from Russia's Spasibo sees this quirky double sider from Birtman. And who is Birtman I hear you ask? I have no idea, so better to leave it up to Spasibo to spill the beans below. What I do know is it's all about the B side, that intro is pure gold and wide open to be sampled. It then turns rather raunchy!

Zinoviy Birtman was born in Tyumen in 1931 in the family of KGB officer, he coudn't even imagine that his mission will be the music. While he was a student, he made his first timid steps as a poet and composer. In the early 60s Birtman got his first light of fame, but because of his harsh and irreconcilable temper Zinoviy gets an enemies at all levels of governance. His songs and music are strongly criticized by the Soviet culture department. Unfortunately Birtman died tragically in 1981, but for many Soviet people he became a symbol of anti-totalitarism and the epitome of courage, talent and heroism. He burned out like a candle, but illuminated the path to many of aspiring and later becamed successful young authors.

i have is people's love" - used to say Birtman, disadvantaged and driven by all servants of the Soviet authorities.

Now, I can't guarantee if any of that is actually true ;) But that killer into on 'Tyumen Blo*Job' is certainly real.

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